Royal Free Hospital, London

Royal Free Hospital, London

Royal Free is a large Teaching Hospital, one of the largest public buildings in the UK, with around 900 beds.

The team obtained £1.54M Energy & Sustainability funding for the project from the Dept. of Health, for a major lighting and ventilation heat recovery scheme.

A further Energy Centre upgrading scheme was delivered through a fully funded Performance Contract with off balance sheet benefits and a net annual cash release of £500 K

The scheme comprised 5 MW Recuperated and supplementary fired gas turbine CHP with heat recovery steam boiler and four further new dual fuel boilers. The scheme may be extended to serve local housing using further CHP heat recovery and medical waste pyrolysis.

Key Benefits

  • DOH Primary 15% saving target achieved in one turnkey installation
  • £1.8m savings per annum
  • No Trust capital or increase in revenue required