Southport Hospital

Southport Hospital

Southport Hospital is a relatively modern hospital with time expired boiler plant. The Trust had already completed a project to replace the boilerhouse at the Ormskirk hospital, when it decvided to address the weaknesses of the Southport hospital installation

The Site uses steam, but a reciprocating CHP plant was deemed most beneficial, so the project includes LTHW mains to the nearest site plant rooms

The Trust is looking to develop an adjacent site with the council and the scheme includes the construction of a district energy scheme to adjacent housing and commercial buildings

Key benefits

  • An investment of £2.2m into reducing the Trusts backlog maintenance
  • Annual savings of £305K to repay the investment and 15 years of operation and maintenance with a small cash release as well
  • 1650 te of CO2 savings per annum
  • District heating scheme for the benefit of the community and the Trusts own development