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An increased fund of £300m+ is available for qualifying Health Boards and Trusts wishing to upgrade their energy facilities at no additional revenue or capital costs.

The CEFS is a partnership between the CEF and National Services Scotland, in particular Health Facilities Scotland and National Procurement, dedicated to the needs of the NHS in Scotland and Northern Ireland

The CEFS provides expertise as well as capital such as that previously supplied by the NHS Energy & Sustainability Fund, and other funds such as Salix or Carbon Reduction Plan which may be fully subscribed.

The CEFS was set up to make it easy for Health Boards and Trusts to upgrade their energy facilities, and was asked:

  • Please simplify the procurement - so the CEFS has access to the CEF framework to halve the OJEU procurement timescales
  • Please reduce advisor costs - so the CEF provides the CEFS with a "ready to wear" contract that all member Health Boards and Trusts can use for their projects
  • Please get us suitably skilled advisors - so the CEFS provides the full range of skilled advisors to assist members
  • Please support us during installation and operation - so the CEFS now supports the entire project from feasibility to termination
  • Please provide a source of 15/25 year funding- so the CEFS has access to the CEF funding of £100m and now with a promise of £200m more, at a better rate due to the combined business of all qualifying NHS bodies
  • Please save us from having to procure advisors and pay high fees - the CEFS charges no fees and recovers just its admin costs from successful projects, and these costs are covered by guaranteed savings

Membership of the CEFS is for projects in the NHS that need capital of more than £0.5m, and which produce an acceptable quantity of carbon and energy savings per annum after installation.

Membership of the CEF entitles Health Boards and Trusts to:  

  • Support from the CEFS and CEF for the project life including technical, contractual, financial and procurement
  • Access to the CEF's proven contract, payment mechanism, financial model and audit process
  • Access to the CEFS's advisors ( members have a choice )
  • Access to capital from the CEF if they want it as Health Boards and Trusts are free to use their own capital, or capital from the Carbon Trust, Carbon Reduction Plan or the CEF framework contractor if they wish
  • Use of the framework procurement process supported by National Procurement


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