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Who We Are

Photo courtesy of Healthcare Estates 2013
The Carbon and Energy Fund Scotland team support IHEEM
Photo courtesy of Healthcare Estates 2013

CEFS team training Day October 2013
CEFS Team Training Day October 2013

The Carbon and Energy Fund Scotland is a NHS, CEF and NSS partnership, set up to allow a talented team from the Dept of Health, Carbon and Energy Fund, NHS, Carbon Trust, National Services Scotland, National Procurement, NHS Strategic Buying Solutions and HealthCare Solutions, to work together to reduce the fossil fuel carbon footprint of the buildings in the NHS. The CEF with its strategic partners is on target with upgrading 60 hospitals over four years, and 240 over 16 years.

In full we are referred to as the NHS SBS Carbon and Energy Fund, and the relationship between all the parties can be shown as:

Who We Are

The Trustees of the CEF represent:

The Dept of Health & Sustainable Development Unit of the NHS
Directors of Estates and Facilities that have managed pilots to the Fund ( 3 )
NHS SBS CPS ( procurement )
Carbon and Energy Fund ( 3 )
Carbon Trust
Common Services Agency ( National Services Scotland and National Procurement )

The CEFS is for Scotland and Northern Ireland and is a special purpose vehicle created to allow different parts of the NHS work together, and governed by a partnering Agreement that assures the CEFS works in the best interests of the NHS and NSS. The CEFS gives Members a choice of local advisors to assist them with the upgrade of their energy infrastructure. Advisors have been chosen for experience and are trained and supported from the CEF, working to the same standards and process, and all paid from the CEF, so that Health Boards and Trusts can implement their projects without the costs and issues associated with appointing advisors.

The CEF charges members no fees, but does recover costs from successful projects, which are covered by guaranteed savings.


The way that the CEFS supports members can be shown as follows:


The CEFS is intended by the Trustees to be the very best way for Health Boards and Trusts to upgrade their energy infrastructure at no net cost. Should any member find a way that the CEFS can improve the service it can offer, it will be considered seriously, so please use the contact page to send your suggestions in.

In the first instance access to the CEFS is through Health Facilities Scotland and should be contacted in the normal way.

The CEFS is supported by the CEF, which has the following address:

The Carbon and Energy Fund Ltd
37-41 Gower Street

Ph 0845-053-7748

The Company number is 7362486
The company is VAT registered as 997 0283 76